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Benefits of Bananas

Enjoy Healthy Life with Bananas

Health Tips | Benefits of Bananas Bananas are a natural antacid, providing relief from acid reflux, heartburn and GERDBananas are high in antioxidants, providing free radicals and protection from chronic diseaseBananas act as a prebiotic, stimulating the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel. They also produce digestive enzymes to assist in absorbing nutrients.Bananas are the only raw fruit that can be consumed without distress to relieve stomach ulcers by coating the lining of the stomach against corrosive acidsBananas help overcome depression due high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin — the happy-mood brain neurotransmitterBananas make you smarter and help with learning by making you more alert. Eat a banana before an exam to benefit from the high levels of potassium.Bananas reduce swelling, protect against type II diabetes, aid weight loss, strengthen the nervous system, and help with the production of white blood cells, all du…