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Best Foods Reduce Belly Fat

Health Tips  Recommended food for reduce belly fast Walnuts: An excellent way to curb cravings or unhealthy sweet treats.Oily fish: Experts recommend having oily fish at least twice a week because it contains heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids that counter the effects of cholesterol and provide healthy fats to the body.Almonds: Loaded with dietary fiber, vitamin E and vegetable protein.Beans and legumes: Often touted as one of the best diet foods, beans and legumes have a low calorie count, contain adequate protein, and have ample dietary fiber.Dark chocolate: When consumed in controlled portions it can prevent heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The best benefits are derived from dark chocolate that contains a high percentage of cocoa.Berries: These bite-sized juicy fruits are not only chock-full of flavor, but also contain rich quantities of dietary fiber.Avocados: Brimming with cholesterol reducing compounds that keep the heart healthy and strong.Eggs: Rich in vitamin B12, researchers…